UNGA First Committee Info Hub

20190829 13:25:02

In 2018, the UN First Committee set up two mechanisms to discuss responsible state behaviour in cyberspace: the Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) and the Open Ended Working Group (OEWG). 

The outcomes of these processes may end up having a significant influence on trends and policies in cybersecurity globally—with implications for privacy, freedom of expression, and other human rights. It’s therefore crucial that human rights defenders engage closely with them.

To guide and support engagement at the First Committee, we’ve set up this dedicated info hub. It offers:

  • All the key news and developments at the GGE and OEWG, including timelines for both;
  • Explainers and guides setting out information about the UN First Committee, the GGE and OEWG, how they work, the issues being discussed and their impact on human rights, and how to engage;
  • Detailed, accessible briefs on the more specialised and technical issues that are being discussed at the GGE and OEWG; and
  • Links to other useful websites and information sources.

You can also get a monthly digest of developments at the GGE and OEWG by signing up to GPD’s newsletter here.

If you have any specific questions about the GGE or OEWG, you can also email our Programme Lead Sheetal Kumar (sheetal{at}gp-digital.org) using the subject line “UN GGE and OEWG.”



Some key takeaways from the recent African Union GGE consultation. [15/09/2019]


We’ve published a new resource, unpacking capacity building in the context of the GGE’s framework on responsible state behaviour. Read it here [9/10/2019]


The deadline for NGOs to register for the December intercessional meeting at the OEWG has been extended to 25 November. Full details here. [8/10/2019]


Last week we were in New York for the first substantive meeting of the OEWG. Read our highlights here. [19/09/2019]


The OEWG’s first substantive session (09 – 13 September) has concluded. Watch coverage of it here and consult the statements made by the member states and inter-governmental organisations.

You can also read the statements by NGOs on Reaching Critical Will’s dedicated webpage. [16/09/2019]


We’ve published a detailed guide to engaging in the UNGA First Committee, GGE and OEWG as a human rights defender. Read it here. [09/09/2019]


The UN Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) regional consultation for the Americas took place from 15-16 August in Washington DC. It was organised by the Organization of American States (OAS) to coordinate input from stakeholders across the region into upcoming GGE discussions. Read our recap and key takeaways here. [23/08/2019]


Two important events in New York took place this month (June): the first organisational meeting of the OEWG and the UNIDIR Cyber Stability Conference. Read our key takeaways here. [12/06/2019]