Joint submission to WSIS+10 Review

21 Oct 2015

On October 14 and 15, Global Partners Digital (GPD), in partnership with civil society groups, co-hosted a two-day meeting in New York to coordinate input into the WSIS+10 Review process. The meeting was supported by GovLab at NYU and the Kingdom of the Netherlands. It follows a successful meeting organised in The Hague in April, where civil society groups prepared for the Global Conference on Cyberspace.

The goal of the WSIS+10 Review process is to agree on an agenda of concrete actions to improve lives through technology and bridge the digital divide. It is vital that these issues are debated in fora which include stakeholders from developing countries. To help foster this, the meeting brought together a wide range of voices, with a majority of participants coming from countries in the global South.

The outcome of the meeting was a joint submission to the latest document in the WSIS+10 Review (the Zero-draft), signed by 46 organisations from 24 countries.

The submitted document proposes a number of changes to the Zero-draft, demanding a much stronger commitment to human rights within the WSIS framework and proposing concrete changes to secure a more open, free, democratic and inclusive Internet. It will play an important role in the debate taking place at the UN this week.

Key suggestions in the submission:

  • Emphasis on intrinsic links between human rights and development
  • Concrete measures to strengthen open, inclusive and transparent approaches in internet governance
  • A people-centered approach to security in ICTs
  • Continued civil society and multi-stakeholder input into WSIS, and a clear timeline for implementation

Read the full document here.

The meeting was also an opportunity to further the coordinated engagement of civil society in these negotiations. For more information about the meeting, including its agenda and participants, go here.

Key upcoming dates:

  • Last week of November: Second draft
  • December 15-16: High-level meeting of the UN General Assembly