GPD inputs into consultation on future of ICDPPC

5 Jun 2018

GPD has submitted a response to a public consultation on the future of the International Conference of Data Protection Commissioners (ICDPPC)

In it, we recommend that the ICDPPC:

  • continue to work to fulfil its overarching objective and mandate to provide a forum for guidance and coordination for its members and other stakeholders on the protection of privacy and personal data;
  • undertake research and analysis on the appropriate regulatory and policy responses to technological changes in the digital space (e.g. smart technology and automated decisionmaking), and continue to provide guidance through the development of international standards on the protection of privacy and personal data in light of these trends;
  • provide educational and learning resources to support the effective implementation and enforcement of data protection standards, and offer capacity building and practical assistance for data protection authorities in under-resourced contexts;
  • continue to develop and agree declarations and resolutions on relevant data protection issues, while also offering analysis and concrete recommendations to support implementation and follow up;
  • take concrete steps to make discussions at the Conference more open, inclusive and transparent, and to ensure civil society access and participation.

You can read the full response here, and find out more about the consultation here.

For human rights defenders interested in engaging at the ICDPPC, we’ve also created an all-in-one navigation tool, explaining how the forum works, who the different actors and stakeholders are, and when, where and how to engage within it on digital issues. Download it here.