GPD submits initial response to UNHLP report on digital interdependence

1 Aug 2019

GPD has made an initial response to a new report by the UN Secretary General’s High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation, “The Age of Digital Interdependence”.

Published in June, the report follows a series of consultations since the Panel was convened in July 2018. Its three main sections—“Leaving No One Behind”, “Individuals, Societies and Digital Technologies” and “Mechanisms for Global Digital Cooperation”—analyse trends in digital technology and their impact on society and the economy, and identify gaps in the current governance architecture. The report also makes five sets of recommendations aimed at improving cooperation among stakeholders and deriving the benefits of digital technologies, while limiting harmful impacts on society.

GPD welcomes the report and the opportunity to provide some preliminary feedback. In this initial response, we first provide overall feedback on chapters 2-4 of the report, before summarising our responses to the report’s recommendations.

With the report now published, the UN Secretary General’s Executive Office has issued a call for initial responses to the report, and will be working over the next few months to promote awareness of the report, conduct consultations with all relevant stakeholders and encourage uptake of the recommendations.

Read our preliminary response to the report here