29 Jul 2016

Watch our new online series on cyber policy for human rights defenders

We’re delighted to unveil our new online training series: “How to engage in cyber policy: tools for human rights defenders”.

The series is a core part of the training component of GPD’s cyber capacity building programme (CCB), and aims to help human rights defenders develop the tools, skills and knowledge they need to engage effectively in cyber policy debates.

Developed in collaboration with the CCB Advisory Board, the series is structured around five modules. The first four each focus on a different aspect of cyber policy – human rights, cybersecurity, regulatory frameworks and cyber capacity building – with a final regional module highlighting how these apply in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Each module consists of several videos, which take participants through a key cyber issue or concept – explaining how it relates to human rights, who the key actors are, and how and where to engage. The videos in each module are complemented by a live Q&A session (see below), allowing viewers to pose questions to experts in the field and debate issues raised in the module.

The series has been designed as a public resource and will be open to everyone interested. The introductory video and first module – human rights – is already live on the online training YouTube channel: watch them here.

Subsequent modules will be uploaded to the channel on a week by week basis throughout August. We’ll be updating this page as the modules go up – and you can also follow @GlobalPartnersD for updates.  See below for the schedule of the live Q&A sessions.

Q&As schedule

Live Q&A sessions will be hosted on Webex. To join, please press the green button below each session and follow the on-screen prompts.

  • Q&A Session #4: Latin America – Wednesday 7 September, 5pm UTC. Join here.
  • Q&A Session #5: Africa – Friday 9 September, time TBC
  • Q&A Session #6: Asia: date and time TBC