Dominique Lazanski

Dominique Lazanski is a London-based digital policy and strategy consultant, who works on cybersecurity policy and Internet governance for the GSM Association.

She began her career with positions at Yahoo, eBay, and Apple, where she helped launch the first iTunes store in the US. In 2005 she moved to London to complete a master’s degree in information systems management at the London School of Economics (LSE). She has worked as a freelance digital strategist ever since, three years of which were spent at the TaxPayers’ Alliance working on digital policy.

She has a longstanding interest in internet governance and has written and spoken widely on digital issues. She holds a bachelor of arts from Cornell University, a second master’s degree from the University of Bath and is currently working on her PhD. She was a member of the UK’s Open Data User Group in the Cabinet Office from 2012 to 2014 and the Tax Transparency Board in Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. She participates on the Multistakeholder Advisory Group on Internet Governance in the UK. She worked on the first Cyberspace Conference with the UK’s Foreign Office, and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) conference in London, where she secured business participation.

Since joining the GSM Association in September 2013, Ms. Lazanski has led the members’ International Telecommunications Union (ITU) and Internet Governance Task Force, which includes planning and preparations for key ITU-D and ITU-T meetings and internet governance meetings. She was on the executive multistakeholder committee for NetMundial in April 2014 and is currently a member of the multistakeholder advisory group of the Internet Governance Forum.


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