Webinars and training

We are currently running an online training series, “UN Discussions On Responsible State Behaviour In Cyberspace: An Introductory Course For Civil Society”.

This online training series is aimed at expert and non-expert members of civil society with an interest in cybersecurity, human rights, international peace and security and the roles and responsibilities of different actors in cyberspace.

Over the course of several interactive webinars, the training series he provides an overview of the discussions at the UN General Assembly, their links with human rights, and other relevant processes.

The series seeks to:

  • Increase participants knowledge of the opportunities for engagement in the UN First Committee discussions;
  • Increase participants understanding of the UNGGE responsible state behaviour framework and the different components Increase participants understanding of how the UNGGE framework and norms in particular, can be operationalised at the national level, allowing them to support policymakers and other stakeholders in their implementation of the GGE framework;
  • Broaden the pool of civil society actors engaging in these discussions.

Please see below for information in the series and how to apply.

Part 1

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Please see above for applications for part 2. Participants who attended the first part are encouraged to apply to the second part of the series.

Part 2

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Part 2 of the series will focus on the UN GGE’s “responsible state behaviour framework”, and will cover cyber norms, capacity building, confidence building measures and the application of international law in cyberspace.

It will consist of three/four webinars to be delivered between September and December 2021. 

The first webinar is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 29 September at 1pm UTC. 

Further webinars are expected to take place once a month at a similar time.


Language accessibility 

Please note that the sessions will be delivered in English. 

Each substantive webinar will be 75-90 minutes long and a recording of each webinar will be available on a dedicated webpage. Interpretation in French will be provided for each session.

Eligibility criteria

Applicants affiliated to civil society organisations are eligible to apply. Media, academic and non-affiliated applicants will also be considered.

Applicants from governments and private companies (except social enterprises) are not eligible for this training series. 

Applicants from countries in the Africa, Asia and Latin America regions are encouraged to apply.

Selection criteria

Eligible applicants will be assessed by the quality of the application, including the motivation to participate in the training, as set out in answer to their application. 

We particularly welcome applications from individuals and organisations that are interested in engaging in this policy area within the regions outlined above and/or their countries in the longer term.

Participants who attended the first part are encouraged to apply to the second part of the series.

How to apply 

Please apply by filling out the form in French or English. The deadline for applications is COB Friday 3 September.