GCCS 2017: info hub

23 - 24 November 2017

New Delhi, India

The Global Conference on CyberSpace (GCCS) is one of the most important global forums where cybersecurity policy is discussed, and the latest iteration of it will be taking place in November 2017, in India.

Cybersecurity policies have clear implications for human rights; and so, at Global Partners Digital (GPD), we’re going to be working hard to help make sure a diverse range of civil society voices are heard at this crucial event.

A big part of engaging effectively in events like the GCCS is simply knowing what’s going on, when, and how you can get involved. There are going to be many GCCS-related events happening over the next few months, and a lot of information floating around, which could quickly get confusing.

So to help you (and us) keep track of it all, we’ve set up this page as an information hub. On it, you’ll find everything you need to get involved in GCCS 2017, including:

  • A GCCS engagement calendar, highlighting key dates and events;
  • Regular updates and announcements, including opportunities to engage;
  • Helpful resources, tools and training materials to support effective engagement; and
  • Links to other relevant websites and information sources.

We’ll be updating this page on a regular basis, but if you’d also like to receive email alerts and updates on key developments, activities and opportunities around the GCCS, why not sign up to our GCCS mailing list? Just email Daniela (daniela@gp-digital.org) using the subject line ‘GCCS mailing list’, and we’ll add you.

And if you have any other questions about our work around the GCCS, or events to add to our calendar, please don’t hesitate to drop Daniela a line.



New blogpost by GPD’s Lea Kaspar, reflecting on GCCS 2017 from a human rights perspective: ‘GCCS2017: a cyberspace free, open and secure (but mostly secure)’


Three updates today:

  1. The GCCS 2017 agenda and list of speakers has been updatedAccess the updated agenda for the event here, and the list of speakers here.
  2. Unable to attend the Conference in person? You can register for remote participation via video conferencing, interactive webinars and webcast here.
  3. GCCS webinar, Wednesday 1 November. The GCCS team is organising webinars on four identified themes on Cyber 4 All. The first one will take place on Wednesday 1 November at 08.30 UST,. Focusing on the theme Cyber4Growth, it will feature Mr. Srivatsan Parthasarathy, Partner, Deloitte. The webinar – which you can join here – has limited places. If you don’t get a place, don’t worry – you can also watch it live here.


A preliminary registration form for the GCCS 2017 is currently live on the Conference website. You can find it here.

(N.B: Please note that the pre-registration form does not guarantee participation. According to the website, “All pre-registrations shall be scrutinised. The shortlisted applicants will receive an email to confirm their registration.”)



Listen to our new podcast, explaining the history and evolution of the GCCS – and why it matters for human rights defenders – featuring GPD’s Executive Director Lea Kaspar, and Lead Strategist Matthew Shears  [13/09/2017]

On Wednesday 13 September at 13.00 UTC, join us for a webinar and live Q&A aimed at sharing information about the upcoming Global Conference on CyberSpace (GCCS) in New Delhi, India.

The webinar is hosted by Global Partners Digital (GPD), and brings together two GCCS veterans and insiders – Samir Saran, Commissioner at the Global Commission of the Stability of Cyberspace, Vice President of the Observer Research Foundation, and Envoy for the GCCS; and Lea Kaspar, GPD’s executive director. In the webinar, they’ll offer a detailed overview of the latest GCCS developments and logistics, as well as expert analysis and guidance on how to effectively engage.

The session will also include a live Q&A, where you’ll be able to pose questions directly to Samir and Lea. You can also submit a question in advance, if you prefer – just email Daniela Schnidrig at daniela@gp-digital.org


When it’s time for the webinar, click this link, follow the on-screen prompts, and click the ‘call using computer’ button on the left hand side of the WebEx window.

If you’d prefer to connect using a telephone, call +44-203-478-5289 and enter access code 236 969 458.

*Please be advised that this is not a free number – UK rates will apply.*


GCCS 2017 agenda is now available here, under “Event Calendar”. [14/08/2017]

Going to APrIGF in Bangkok this week? GPD is hosting an introductory workshop on GCCS 2017 on Thursday 27 July, 14.30 to 16.00pm, in Room 710 on the 7th Floor of the APrIGF venue (Mahitaladhibesra Building, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok).

The workshop aims to give civil society actors a head start on engaging in this year’s GCCS – providing an overview of the forum’s history and relevance, the 2017 themes, and other information. Full details here. [24/07/2017]

GCCS 2017 will take place in New Delhi, India, on 23 – 24 November 2017. [01/06/2017]

Registration for GCCS 2017 is now open. Click here to submit your expression of interest. [04/05/2017] CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE [08/08/2017]