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The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is an important forum for human rights defenders to engage in. It’s also a complex forum to navigate, and keeping track of what’s going on can be difficult. Our calendar seeks to make it as simple as possible, sifting through the noise to highlight the events and meetings which really matter for human rights defenders.

The calendar covers events across the entire ITU and its sectors:

  • ITU Council and Other: This includes major events like the Plenipotentiary Conference and the WSIS Forum, as well as meetings of the ITU Council and its Working Groups.
  • ITU-D: Development Sector.
  • ITU-R: Radiocommunications Sector.
  • ITU:T: Telecommunications Sector.

Interested in specific issues? Use the filters at the top to narrow down the calendar. Big events (like the Plenipot) are highlighted with a thicker border.

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NB: The calendar includes ITU events most relevant to human rights defenders. This includes the major conferences and the regional preparatory meetings, the Council Working Groups, and many, but not all, of the Study Groups within the three Sectors. A full calendar of ITU events can be found on the ITU’s website.

For more information on the ITU, visit GPD's ITU Info Hub.

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11-13 Dec 2018
Santa Domingo, Dominican Republic

Regional Preparatory Meeting - Americas

At the regional Preparatory Meetings, ITU member states in different regions coordinate and plan for the Plenipotentiary Conference.

3-13 Dec 2018
Wuxi, China

Study Group 20 - IoT and Smart Cities

ITU-T Study Group 20 has a mandate to examine the Internet of things (IoT) and its applications, smart cities and communities, including its e‑services and smart services, and IoT identification.

8-12 Apr 2019
Geneva, Switzerland

WSIS Forum 2019

The World Summit on the Information Society Forum is an annual event, co-ordinated by the ITU and others, facilitating the implementation of the WSIS Action Lines for advancing sustainable development.

1 Oct-31 Dec 2020

World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly 2020

At the World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly, ITU member states set out the ITU-T’s work for the next four years.