GPD becomes a four-day week organisation

22 Sep 2022

This month, Global Partners Digital officially moved to a four-day working week. As an accredited “Gold Standard” employer, we have adopted a permanent four-day week, with reduced hours and no loss of pay.

We are proud to be joining the growing wave of UK and global employers taking this step.

Our move comes after a year of trialing different models for a shorter working week. As with so many organisations, the COVID pandemic and lockdowns had a major impact on our team’s wellbeing and made GPD reassess the way we work. In line with numerous other studies about the benefits of the four-day week, our trials found a notable boost in the team’s wellbeing with the same levels of high productivity. 

Reflecting on the process, Executive Director, Lea Kaspar says: “A lot has gone into making the four-day week a possibility. It’s taken the will to try it out, changes to our working culture and habits, the dedication of the GPD team, and the trust of our funders. We’re delighted that we’ve been able to make it happen.”


Transitioning to a four-day week has been a journey that we’d like to share. GPD is dedicated to helping other organisations who are interested in the four-day week. Please reach out to Rebecca Zausmer (COO) if you’d like to find out more.