10 Jun 2022

GPD responds to call for comments on revitalising US NAP on Responsible Business Conduct

GPD has responded to a call for public submissions by the US Department of State to inform the process of updating and revitalising the United States’ National Action Plan on Responsible Business Conduct (NAP RBC) for U.S. businesses operating and investing abroad.

In our submission response, we highlighted key recommendations that draw from the publication we developed with the Danish Institute for Human Rights, “The Tech Sector and National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights”,  a guidance document for governments and other state actors developing NAPs on how to incorporate considerations relating to the tech sector. These include process-related recommendations, such as facilitating meaningful stakeholder participation, as well as substantive recommendations, such as including a more substantive and ambitious section in its NAP on ensuring that the companies developing, deploying and using digital technologies respect human rights.

Our full submission can be downloaded here, and all public inputs can be found here.