GPD responds to consultation led by UN High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation

14 Dec 2018

GPD has responded to an open call for submissions to an upcoming report by the UN High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation, which will look at ways states can work cooperatively to tackle challenges in the digital age.

The consultation asked for input on three main areas:

  1. The values and principles that should underpin digital cooperation;
  2. How cooperation can be more inclusive and stakeholders can cooperate more effectively; and
  3. How cooperation can be improved in key issue areas.

In our submission, we emphasise the importance of putting human rights and multistakeholder values at the centre of any efforts to promote digital cooperation, with reference to examples of good practice – in particular with regards to digital trust and security. Read it here.

The consultation is open for input until 31 January. This will be followed by a second phase of consultations, before the publication of a final report in May or June 2019. Find out more about the report, the Panel, and the timeline here.