11 Jun 2024

GPD responds to Revision 1 of the Global Digital Compact

We welcome the publication of Revision 1 of the Global Digital Compact, as a comprehensive and action-oriented document. While we believe that this most recent iteration of the Compact is a positive development towards a more rights-respecting and inclusive outcome document, important changes are still needed.

In this response, we provide our observations on positive aspects of the Compact, as well as recommendations for those aspects which should be strengthened or revised, alongside concrete language proposals from page 10 onwards. Our recommendations attempt to further ground the Compact in a rights-respecting approach through additional references to international human rights law and standards, as well as stressing the need for a multistakeholder approach to the development, use and governance of digital technologies. In addition, we provide concrete recommendations with respect to the new entities proposed to ensure that such efforts and implementation are undertaken in an inclusive and rights-based manner. 

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Read our input here (PDF)