Mapping the cyber policy landscape in Chile, India, Indonesia, and Kenya

2 Dec 2016

GPD today launches a new series of mapping resources to help civil society actors navigate the cyber policy landscape in four countries: Chile, India, Indonesia, and Kenya

The series, entitled Mapping the Cyber Policy Landscape, identifies the key cyber actors, institutions, legislation and processes in each country, analysing local trends and factors and highlighting challenges and potential opportunities. Its aim is to serve as a tool and reference point for civil society actors who want to engage in cyber policymaking processes in the four countries covered.

Each mapping report was independently created by local civil society experts, with support from GPD’s Cyber Capacity Building Programme.

Alongside these resources, we’re also launching a podcast series, Cyber Policy on the Ground, which will give the authors space to go deeper into the issues and questions raised by their mappings, in conversation with GPD’s Lead Strategist, Matthew Shears.

Read the first mapping reports here: