28 Jul 2016

Participants selected for GPD’s cyber policy training programme

We’re pleased to announce that 48 human rights defenders from Africa, Asia and Latin America have been selected to participate in our cyber policy training programme a core element of GPD’s cyber capacity building programme.

Over 500 people applied to participate in the training programme through an open application process. All applications were collaboratively evaluated by GPD and three regional partners according to a uniform set of criteria, with the final shortlist adjusted to ensure geographical and gender balance.

The training programme aims to build the capacity of participants to increase their knowledge on cyber policy issues and improve their advocacy skills to bring a human rights perspective to cyber policymaking debates. Running from August to September 2016, it will consist of two elements – an online training component and an in-person workshop.

The online component of the programme will be structured around five modules exploring key cyber policy issues and concepts, explaining how they relate to human rights, who the key actors are, and where and how to engage. Each module will consist of pre-recorded online videos and an interactive Q&A session led by field experts.

The in-person workshop will build on the core concepts explored in the online training component. Led by experts, it will provide participants with practical advocacy and communication skills, tailored to regional needs.

Please note that the online component of the training – including the Q&A sessions – has been designed as a public resource and will be open to anyone interested

The video series will be launched shortly, with online Q&A sessions taking place on a week by week basis throughout August. We’ll be publishing more concrete dates soon – stay tuned, and follow us on @GlobalPartnersD.