GPD works with civil society actors, businesses and governments all over the world. See below for a full list, divided by region.


Latin America
  • Asociación por los Derechos Civiles (ADC), Argentina
  • Derechos Digitales, Chile
  • Karisma Foundation, Colombia
  • R3D, Mexico
Sub-Saharan Africa
  • African Cybersecurity and Digital Rights Organisation (ACDRO), Ghana
  • Bloggers Association, Kenya
  • JONCTION, Senegal
  • KICTANet, Kenya
  • Media Monitoring Africa, South Africa
  • Media Foundation for West Africa, Ghana
  • Paradigm Initiative, Nigeria
  • SMEX, Lebanon
South & South-East Asia
  • Foundation for Media Alternatives, Philippines
  • ICT Watch, Indonesia
  • SUARAM, Malaysia
  • IO Foundation, Malaysia
  • Access Now
  • Article 19
  • Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT)
  • Freedom Online Coalition
  • Global Network Initiative
  • International Media Support (IMS)
  • Internews
  • New America Foundation/OTI
  • Public Knowledge
  • Ranking Digital Rights