27 Jun 2018

Multistakeholder Approaches to National Cybersecurity Strategy Development

For some time, governments and non-governmental actors alike have been calling for greater stakeholder involvement in cybersecurity policy. Despite this, multistakeholder approaches to national cybersecurity strategy (NCSS) development remain comparatively rare. In part, this is as a result of a critical gap in the cyber capacity building landscape, which currently offers few resources to support and guide the implementation of such approaches.

Our new report, Multistakeholder Approaches to National Cybersecurity Strategy Development, seeks to address this gap. Drawing on GPD’s own extensive research into multistakeholder processes, as well as real life examples of good practice in Chile, Ghana, Kenya, and Mexico, it sets out clear guidelines and recommendations for multistakeholder approaches to NCSS development that can be employed in a range of contexts.

We welcome feedback on this report, as well as use cases. In particular, if you have a real-life example of a multistakeholder approach to NCSS development you would like to share, please email info{at}gp-digital.org