23 Jun 2020

NGO Participation in Multilateral and Multistakeholder Forums: Good Practice Examples

By Sheetal Kumar and Allison Pytlak

The establishment of the UN’s Open-ended Working Group (OEWG) on Developments in ICTs iN the context of international security was intended to be the UN’s first open and accessible forum to discuss ICTs in this specific context. It was established by the UN General Assembly and its First Committee on Disarmament and International Security in 2018.

Despite its aspirations of openness and inclusivity, important non-governmental stakeholders have been consistently excluded from the substantive OEWG sessions. This document, intended for those supportive of improving non-governmental and multistakeholder access and participation, provides a range of examples of good practice for engaging non-governmental stakeholders in disarmament and arms control forums and in other UN General Assembly-mandated processes. The aim is to inform ongoing discussions and practices regarding modalities for the engagement of non-governmental stakeholders in discussions relevant to ICTs within current and future bodies mandated by the First Committee.