12 Sep 2017

Travel Guide to the Digital World: Encryption policy for human rights defenders

Everyone who uses the internet depends on encryption. It makes online banking and shopping possible, allows us to communicate securely, and facilitates the exercise of many human rights.

Despite these obvious benefits, encryption has always had its opponents – and they are becoming more active. In legislatures and policymaking forums around the world, attempts are being made, often under the guise of fighting crime or terrorism, to weaken, compromise or restrict access to encryption. This is a threat to the security and rights of everyone, and it must be resisted.

That’s where this guide comes in. Designed specifically for human rights defenders, it offers a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the world of encryption policy – explaining the technology behind encryption, the key debates, why it relates to human rights, and where – and how – you can engage.

To accompany the guide, we’ve also created a miniseries of podcasts on encryption policy, featuring GPD’s Legal Officer Richard Wingfield and Access Now’s Amie Stepanovich. Listen below: