03 Jun 2014

Travel Guide to the Digital World: Internet policy and governance for human rights defenders

By Becky Hogge

The internet is the defining technology of our age, transforming relationships in every aspect of our lives, from commerce to politics, from education to art. With these transformations come new opportunities, and also new threats.

How the internet operates and is governed affects the rights of users Рa new field from which human rights expertise is currently absent. Civil society groups at the table are fighting an unequal fight, and urgently need the strength and depth that the human rights community can bring. It is time for human rights defenders to familiarise themselves with the internet, and prepare to defend human rights online.

Internet Policy and Governance for Human Rights Defenders is the first in the Travel Guide to the Digital World series which aims to assist newcomers to understand, follow and engage in the internet policy and governance field. This Travel Guide introduces the history, workings and culture of the virtual world, helping the reader to understand more deeply how these affect their lives and their work.