30 Apr 2020

Unpacking the GGE’s framework on responsible state behaviour: International law

At the UN First Committee, two processes—the UN Group of Governmental Experts (GGE) and the Open-ended Working Group—are currently exploring the same question: responsible state behaviour in cyberspace.

This term comes from a 2015 report by the previous GGE, which defines it according to a framework of four components:

  1. norms, rules and principles;
  2. confidence-building measures;
  3. capacity-building;
  4. the application of international law in cyberspace.

Understanding these components is crucial to engaging effectively at the GGE and OEWG. In this series, we’ll be looking at each component in turn—looking at what they mean, how they have been defined, and their relevance to human rights.

In this entry, we examine international law. This explainer was authored by Sheetal Kumar and Ian Barber at Global Partners Digital, with support from Eneken Tikk, from Cyber Policy Institute.