Advocacy Bytes

How it works

Advocacy Bytes is a tool to help civil society engage more effectively in internet governance forums. It’s an experience bank, recording specific case studies of civil society groups engaging in internet governance processes, in order to help support more strategic and effective civil society engagement in the future.

Each case study:

  • Provides a synopsis of civil society experience in an internet governance-related institution or mechanism
  • Analyses the distinct challenges faced by civil society in this space
  • Identifies key challenges and how they were overcome
  • Extracts general learnings and lessons for civil society

The aim is both to provide a useful tool for civil society engagement and to record an alternative history of internet governance – seen from below, rather than through the narrow lens of statecraft and diplomacy. We hope this project will evolve and grow organically, and invite submissions from civil society working in all corners of internet governance.

Please email Sheetal Kumar (sheetal{@} if you’d like to get involved.