Lea Kaspar

Executive Director

Lea oversees the development and implementation of GPD’s vision and strategy, as well as steering the organisation’s growth and development and leading its programmatic portfolio.

Before joining GPD, Lea worked at the UN Democracy Fund, co-founded the Croatian UN Association, and championed the Model UN movement in Croatia. 

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31 Oct 2023
Blog post

Navigating the Global AI Governance Landscape 

The recent Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Kyoto reaffirmed AI as an urgent cross-cutting priority for a diverse set of stakeholders. At the same time, it highlighted the rapidly expanding scale and complexity of the AI governance landscape.  This complexity presents a…
17 Mar 2021

Human Rights in the Digital Age: State of Play across Commonwealth Pacific Countries

The rise and evolution of the internet and digital technologies has brought about new opportunities and challenges for communities around the world to exercise and enjoy their human rights – including freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and the right to privacy. However, while it is now widely accepted that…
11 Mar 2021

Digital Rights at a Crossroads: Recommendations for Advancing Human Rights and Social Justice Post-2020

What are the key challenges facing civil society organisations when it comes to digital policy? What are the big issues on the international agenda—and why are they there? How should groups decide which of the dozens of forums and processes are worth engaging in? And how can funders…