29 Dec 2022

Assessing Cybercrime Laws and NCSS from a Human Rights Perspective

This pack comprises two linked resources:

  1. Assessing Cybercrime Laws from a Human Rights Perspective: Drawing upon international standards, this tool provides a standalone framework for assessing the different elements of cybercrime legislation from a human rights perspective. It also provides examples of good and poor practice from existing pieces of cybercrime legislation across the world, and highlights further considerations, beyond the text of the legislation, that governments and other stakeholders should take into account when developing or revising cybercrime legislation. Download it here.
  2. Assessing National Cybersecurity Strategies from a Human Rights Perspective: The aim of this tool is to guide the development of rights-respecting National Cybersecurity Strategies (NCSSs), by examining their critical components, identifying how the substance of those components can and should respect, protect and promote human rights, and providing examples of good practice seen in existing NCSSs. Download it here.