Ian Barber

Lead, Legal

Ian provides legal analysis and expertise to GPD’s team, projects and partners across a range of digital policy issues. He directly engages in legal processes at the United Nations, the Council of Europe and on the national level, as well as leading capacity building efforts on the application of international human rights law.

Ian is a qualified lawyer in New York and Washington, D.C. He previously worked at law firms and non-governmental organisations in the San Francisco Bay Area. He holds a Juris Doctor from UC Law San Francisco, an LLM from SOAS University of London and a BA from McGill University.

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02 Apr 2024
Blog post

The world’s first treaty on AI: our thoughts and the way forward

This month, the Council of Europe’s Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAI) wrapped up negotiations on a groundbreaking draft Framework Convention on artificial Intelligence, human rights, democracy and the rule of law. This draft Convention marks a milestone as the world’s first binding treaty…
19 Sep 2023
Blog post

What would a human rights-based approach to AI governance look like?

Over the past year, discussions around artificial intelligence (AI) have saturated media and policy environments. Perspectives on it vary widely: from boosterist narratives which posit the limitless potential of AI-powered technologies to help overcome social inequalities and accelerate industrial development; to apocalyptic framings, which suggest that a (speculative)…
20 Apr 2023
Blog post

First thoughts on the revised zero draft of the Council of Europe’s AI Treaty

Note: GPD is an observer to the Council of Europe’s Committee on Artificial Intelligence. All comments are based solely on public documents. * The Council of Europe’s Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAI) is currently developing the world’s first treaty on AI, working towards an ambitious completion date of the end…