GPD inputs into consultation on UNESCO indicators on internet universality

30 Oct 2017

Global Partners Digital (GPD) has inputted into a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) consultation on the development of indicators to measure progress on Internet Universality, which is defined by UNESCO as “features of the internet which UNESCO believes are fundamental to fulfilling its potential for sustainable development”.

The indicators will assess compliance with four fundamental principles – Rights, Openness, Access, and Multistakeholder participation, known colloquially as the R-O-A-M framework – as well as cross-cutting issues such as the impact of the internet on development, gender, and children and young people. These indicators, once finalised, are expected to have significant value in future discussions around the development of internet-related policies. Among other things, GPD’s submission highlights the need for all human rights to be reflected in the indicators, and suggests several priority issues for consideration – including encryption, data protection, cybersecurity and content regulation. GPD’s suggestions on the principle of Multistakeholder participation draw on its recently updated Framework for Multistakeholder Cyber Policy Development.

Read GPD’s submission to the consultation here. If you have any questions, contact