Framework for multistakeholder cyber policy development

9 Oct 2017

GPD’s Framework for Multistakeholder Cyber Policy Development is both a guide to setting up multistakeholder cyber policy processes at the national level and a benchmarking tool for assessing, once implemented, how well the these processes measure up against a range of benchmark characteristics (open and accessible, inclusive, collaborative, consensus-driven, evidence-based and transparent and accountable).

The Framework takes into account processes such as the Cross Community Working Group model at ICANN, the Best Practice Forum approach at the IGF, as well as a range of approaches and processes outside the internet governance space. While it is especially tailored for cybersecurity policymaking, it can also be used for policymaking more generally.

Download the Framework as a spreadsheet (.xls)

N.B. The Framework is an evolving and developing tool, which incorporates feedback from partners and users on the ground. If you’d like to contribute any feedback on your application or adaption of the Framework, email