GPD submits feedback on OEWG pre-draft of report on ICTs

7 Apr 2020

GPD has submitted feedback on the Open Ended Working Group (OEWG)’s initial pre-draft of its report on ICTs. 

The pre-draft, issued by the Chair of the OEWG, provides a summary of discussions around the report so far, and includes specific recommendations under the main agenda items of the OEWG’s mandate, including international law; norms, rules and principles; and regular institutional dialogue.

In our submission, we recommend that the report strengthens its references and recommendations around promoting a human-centric and rights-based approach to a peaceful and secure cyberspace. We also recommend that the varied and significant roles played by non-government stakeholders, including civil society and the technical community, are adequately reflected.

The next version of the report is due to be shared by the Chair at the beginning of May. Feedback will be accepted on it until the end of May. This version will form the basis for discussion and negotiation around the final report, which is expected to be adopted at the OEWG’s final meeting, currently scheduled for July (though likely subject to change).

For further information and resources on UN First Committee discussions on responsible state behaviour in cyberspace, visit our dedicated hub.