09 Mar 2018

Framework for Multistakeholder Cyber Policy Development

Cybersecurity, and the threats associated with it, is a complex policy
area. This complexity demands approaches to policy development
which are inclusive, expertise driven, and which engage a broad range of
stakeholders – a need which has been recognised by several influential
bodies, including the Freedom Online Coalition, the Global Conference on
Cyberspace, and the United Nations Group of Governmental Experts.
Such approaches tend to yield policies which are more appropriately
targeted, effective and comprehensive.

Despite this, use cases of multistakeholder approaches to cyber
policymaking are rare. Research shows that stakeholders may not know
where to start in setting them up, or feel daunted by a perceived difficulty.

The purpose of the Framework for Multistakeholder Cyber Policy Development is to make such approaches more comprehensible and to
facilitate their implementation. It provides an all-in-one tool for anyone
who wants to create a multistakeholder cyber policy process, or assess
and evaluate an existing one.

Additional components