Daniela Schnidrig

Head of Engagement and Advocacy, National

Daniela co-leads GPD’s engagement and advocacy, overseeing national engagement within GPD’s programmatic portfolio in over 20 countries. 

Previously, she worked at CELE, a leading academic centre on digital rights in Argentina and Latin America. Daniela holds a law degree from Torcuato di Tella University in Buenos Aires.

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17 Mar 2021

Human Rights in the Digital Age: State of Play across Commonwealth Pacific Countries

The rise and evolution of the internet and digital technologies has brought about new opportunities and challenges for communities around the world to exercise and enjoy their human rights – including freedom of expression, freedom of assembly, and the right to privacy. However, while it is now widely accepted that…
27 Jun 2018

Multistakeholder Approaches to National Cybersecurity Strategy Development

For some time, governments and non-governmental actors alike have been calling for greater stakeholder involvement in cybersecurity policy. Despite this, multistakeholder approaches to national cybersecurity strategy (NCSS) development remain comparatively rare. In part, this is as a result of a critical gap in the cyber capacity building landscape, which…