Promoting business and human rights in the tech sector: webinar series

12 Feb 2020

This programme of four webinars and a series of five specific modules has been designed to strengthen the capacity of civil society actors to understand and promote the business and human rights framework in the tech sector.

Based on a workshop co-organised with New America’s Open Technology Institute, Ranking Digital Rights and the Global Network Initiative, it offers human rights defenders a comprehensive grounding in business and human rights in the context of the digital environment—with a specific focus on privacy and free expression.

The four initial webinars provide a broad survey of the key issues at stake, with the subsequent modules offering additional depth and insight. The modules are also accompanied by a detailed set of notes.


Webinar 1: Introduction to Business and Human Rights


Webinar 2: Business and Human Rights in the Digital Environment


Webinar 3: Key Priority Issue: Privacy


Webinar 4: Key Priority Issue: Free Expression